December 29th, Amsterdam

VI international conference on trends in fintech, mining, blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Conference topics

Global crypto industry trends in 2023-24

Introduction of blockchain technologies as a business tool. What benefits do we get?

Investment risks. How not to lose your money.

Current solutions in blockchain development.

The capabilities of payment systems today and their future.

Regulation of cryptocurrencies at the state level.

Successful cases of crypto startups. How to develop yours.

Equipment and services for efficient mining in 2023-24.

Practical cases in the field of fintech for business and the banking sector.

New challenges in the security of personal data, maintenance services and asset storage.

Participation options

Business (100 BYN)

Light(for free)

Online (free)


Anatoly Khotulev

Entrepreneur, Web3 evangelist, founder of TON Community Belarus. Expertise in b2b, b2c marketing. Experience in the WebDev, FinTech, GameFi domains.
TON - an open network for everyone - Integration of TON with Telegram; - Crypto wallet in every pocket; - SuperApp - one application for everything.

Igor Mamonenko

CEO of the Belhard group of companies. (The topic of the report is being specified)

Vasily Kulesh

Chief Communications Officer, . Chairman of the Council of the Association "Distributed Registry Technologies" of the Republic of Belarus. Regular speaker at crypto, fintech and banking conferences.
(The topic of the report is being specified)


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